Click here for  EyeSync Technology  Website

Click here for EyeSync Technology Website

I am excited about using the new EyeSync system because of the CERTAINTY that it brings to my patients, as part of a functional neurological exam.

When it comes to your brain you should not be guessing. Period.

Eye Sync was developed by the neurology team at Stanford University, using equipment that looks like a Virtual Reality headset. Using infrared cameras, Eye Sync takes pictures of your eyes as the eyes track moving targets.

Eye movements yield valuable objective information about brain health including the accuracy and processing speeds of certain pathways. Identifying a damaged pathway allows for targeted treatment and superior outcomes!

Although EyeSync was developed to identify and treat concussion, it has valuable applications for

  • cognitive decline (poor short term memory/brain fog/multitasking)

  • ADHD/reading disorders

  • athletic performance

  • chronic pain

email me with any questions you may have, or simply schedule a ‘SyncThink’ eye tracking exam online