When it comes to chiropractic healing and performance, one size does NOT fit all.

For this reason, I have worked hard to develop a diverse skill set including;

  • 30 years experience with Manual and Instrument adjusting

  • Cold laser therapy

  • Soft tissue techniques including IASTM (Graston like instrument technique) Active Release Therapy, and compression bands

  • Functional movement screening and rehabilitative exercise prescription

  • Certified Foundation Training Instructor

  • Functional Neurology Training

  • Kinesiotaping

your FIRST VISIT - what to expect:

On your initial visit to the office we will sit down and review your health history and goals. Your physical exam will be thorough and may include a Functional Movement Screening, Neurological Assessment, and Muscle Testing - all depending upon your health challenges and current abilities.

One thing I like to address with new patients is that ‘every chiropractor is different’. We will talk about what those difference are (typically techniques/philosophy), as well as what to expect from your exam and first adjustment — no surprises.

Patient Empowerment

My role is to perform one of the most comprehensive exams and to pass the information gained on to you. I give you the information, and you get to decide what you want to do with it! No pressure.

Who are our patients?

My patients come from all age ranges and all walks of life. While I do treat a lot of professional athletes within our community and on the road, I continue to treat and enjoy treating everyday ‘ordinary ‘ people!

In fact, I get just as much pleasure from practicing ‘family chiropractic ‘ as I do working with the pros. Currently, my youngest patient is eight months old, and my most ‘senior’ patients are rocking it in their 80’s.